Pentagon Glass are widely regarded
as the finest car window tinting specialists in the uk

We represent the pinnacle in our industry, providing the ultimate standard in car window tinting and award winning SupaGlass to a wide range of clients. Car Window Tints completed to the Pentagon Standard are virtually flawless. We spend two or three times more time on a car than most car tinting companies with quality control processes that are unrivalled. We have extensive experience in handling all types of cars from Minis to McLarens, Range Rovers, Lamborghinis, BMWs to Bugattis.
Since the beginning of 2004, there are now limits as to what you may do with respect to applying window tints to your car.
For further information visit the VOSA website.
If you are unclear as to what you may be permitted to do, please ask a member of Pentagon Staff for more details and advice.


Auto Tint

▩ Great appearance, adds value
▩ Safety
▩ Security
▩ Privacy
▩ Cuts Glare
▩ Keeps vehicles cooler and more comfortable during hot weather
▩ Eliminates harmful UV rays
▩ Available in various
Our success is founded on commitment to quality, impeccable service, proprietary systems, purpose-built service centres and client support.



Is an invisible super-strong 300 micron thick polyester based laminate, professionally bonded to the inside of the main side windows of your car.

Benefits of SupaGlass
▩ Side Impact Protection
▩ Roll-over protection
▩ Anti-Car Jacking
▩ Resistant to thieves and smash and grab theft
Safe escape- SupaGlass protected windows are designed to allow shattered windows be pushed out from inside the vehicle